4 Tips to Boost Pinterest Post Engagement


4 Tips to Boost Pinterest Post Engagement

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Millions of users utilize Pinterest every single day, which means your potential customers are out there, pinning away, right now. Don’t let this marketing opportunity go to waste. But, more importantly, make sure you’re using Pinterest to the fullest extent, so you get the most for your time invested. Below are four easy to follow tips to get you at the top of your game and increase Pinterest post engagement.


  1. Pin On a Consistent Basis and Often

For people to become invested and interested in your Pinterest marketing, you need to give them assurance that there will be a new pin on a frequent and consistent basis. An abundance of pins will also mean there is more of your content out there for other users to find and like. But, you don’t want to post too often or your account will become a spamming nuisance.

It’s recommended to post approximately five to ten times per day. That is not all though. You need to spread these posts out throughout the business day, otherwise you’re dumping too much content onto the web at once and it won’t be as effective. Luckily, there are ways to schedule posts ahead of time, so you can have a week’s worth of pins ready to go instead of logging on ten times a day to manage your account.


  1. Design the Perfect Image

Pinterest is all about pictures. Because of this, it’s important to make sure your images are fine tuned for this medium before you pin them. What makes a particular picture stand out from the rest? There are three easy ways to boost your likes and repins.

First, try to stick to vertical images. These tend to have a higher repin rate than horizontal ones. Also, keep these vertical pictures at a 2:3 or 1:3.5 ratio to avoid being cropped when you don’t want to be.

Second, add a text overlay to your pictures. This works well with recipes, instructional pictures, or books. Travel companies or travel related images won’t benefit as much from this technique as viewers simply want to enjoy the scenery.

Lastly, montages of multiple images have a higher like rate than singular photos. Create a collage using any number of photo editing programs, and upload them as one pin. Too many photos won’t translate well, though, so keep it between three to five pictures in one image.

Please note that not all of these techniques work in every scenario. Experiment with some trial and error and find what works best for your target market. There is no golden formula that works for every business and website.


  1. The Text is Everything

If two companies with the exact same number of followers share an identical picture, they won’t get the same number of likes or repins. Why is this? The text that accompanies the photos are different and each has a different effect on their target audience. Here are some tips actually provided by Pinterest themselves on how to improve your pin descriptions.

  • Avoid using hashtags.
  • Don’t include promotional information or salesy tones, such as a call to action to buy something.
  • Don’t use terms that describe a Pinterest functionality such as “repin this” or “like this”.
  • Try to include as many keywords as you can, without sounding spammy.
  • Include a positive sentiment if it fits.
  • Add links for more information or helpful activities.

Take all of these helpful tips into consideration as you write your descriptions. And try to keep it within the 100 character range. The shorter the text, the more repins you’ll tend to receive.


  1. Link Your Account to Increase Visibility

Pinterest is a means of increasing the visibility of your website, company, product, service or whatever your goal is to your target market. So, in theory, it’s valuable to provide every opportunity possible to allow users to find your Pinterest boards.

That’s why it’s important to link your Pinterest account to your other social platforms. Wherever you’re using social marketing, try to link the pages together so users on one can find the other. This can include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many others. So connect away!


Feeling more equipped to write a successful, engaging Pinterest pin? Remember that social media can be a confusing medium to master, as it is ever changing and ever growing. Our team has experience working with a variety of company types and styles and how each one needs to be represented on Pinterest and other platforms to garner the most leads and sales. If you find you’re spending more than you’re making on social media, consider handing it over to a professional and seeing the numbers turn in your favor.

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